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My loan was an excellent experience, Donna carefully went through everything with me and made the process as easy as it could be.
M.B. - Email to President, 6/28/19
Stewart, the loan process was great. Donna is amazing, she helped me out in a matter that needed to taken care of right away. I love the staff there and of course P&S credit union. Thanks again for all you do for me.
E.R. - Email to President, 5/3/19
Your staff far exceeds any expectation in performance, personality, and customer satisfaction. Thanks!
S.W. - Email to President, 5/3/19
Thank you so much for everything, we really appreciate it. So nice working with great people and a wonderful credit union.
M.M. - Email to Staff, 1/23/19
This credit union has been so great to work with. We have had some credit issues in the past and they have helped so much to improve our credit. They have given us great advice and helped us every step of the way. A big bank that we had an account with for over 30 years treated us terrible. Sue and Donna are two of the greatest! I would send anyone to this credit union.
P.A. - Facebook, 11/17/18
We had Donna help us. Donna is very professional she helps us at times with information on loans or whatever. We have been a P & S Credit Union member for so many years, like 40 years? Personnel there have been so helpful in our lives.
A.W. - Email to President, 8/11/18
I had a great experience working with Sue to get my auto loan. I will be recommending P&S Credit Union to everyone.
L.K. - Email to President, 8/9/18
Donna and all of the employees are the best to work with in any capacity. They treat you like family and not just another body in their chair with a pen in your hand. I always recommend P & S to anyone I want to have a great experience!! Thanks Donna for all you have helped my family experience in our time working with you and PSCU!!
K.R. - Facebook, 8/8/18
I am the biggest fan of P&S. I have been a member for going on 30 years. I brag to everyone that will listen about our credit union. I can not keep up with all the names as they change over the years but Donna and Sue are some of the best people you could hope to meet out there. Thanks!
W.B.H. - Email to President, 6/13/18
My son is a member of the credit union and when I was looking at buying a new car he told me what a great credit union P &S is and how they are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I contacted them, went over my options and financed my new car through them. My experience with them has been very positive and I tell my friends the next time they are looking to buy a car, they should contact P&S!
C.B. - Google, 6/13/18
M.S. - Google, 6/12/18
We love you guys!
L.H. - Email to Staff, 6/6/18
Thanks for all you do for me. I truly am grateful for the staff at P & S, you guys are the best!
J.W. - Email to Staff, 6/5/18
M.T. - Google, 4/20/18
I must say the process was excellent. I really thought it went well. I have no complaints and thought the staff did a great job.
S.G. - Email to President, 3/20/18
Thank you! I'm so grateful for the staff at P&S. You hava all made this transition easy and I've felt cared for by you. You're doing great work!
J.W. - Email to Staff, 3/16/18
Donna - Thanks for all you do! You're awesome!
H.H. - Email to Staff, 6/30/17
This was a very positive experience right from the beginning. I was treated with the utmost respect the entire time. I would recommend this credit union to anyone. Thank you for all you did for us.
P.A. - Email to President, 5/26/17
Everyone is very nice and helpful!
C.B. - Lobby Comment Card, 5/10/17
Thanks for your hard work trying to help me, you guys are the picture of customer service!
J. J. - Email to Staff, 2/28/2017
Love this CU. When EMSCO CU moved over I was nervous I would not get the same personal attention I had in the past. Not to worry! Sue is amazing and wonderful to work with!
T. D. B. - Facebook, 2/8/2017
It was a great experience. We were told up front exactly what we needed and the process went very well. Our loan officer was personable and professional and knew her business. We chose the credit union because of the simple interest.
J.F. - Email to the President, 2/8/2017
This is a great credit union. The people are wonderful and do what's best for members. Definitely check them out Salt Lake Valley!
A.B. - Facebook, 11/30/2016
Outstanding best bank ever. Wonderful staff. I had been using this bank for 15 years, love it.
E.B. - Google, 11/30/16
I love this little credit union! I have been with them for the last 8 years or so! They are so kind and helpful, Plus to make it more convenient They have more locations in other places.

I run a small business. And P&S really helps me keep it going, Because they charge such low fees (overdraft) and they give me such great rates as opposed to banks.

When I was 18 and had NO credit score, But I desperately needed a loan. They were kind enough to accept me. No other place would of even considered me, They even gave me a reasonable rate. I will be forever grateful! I was able to pay it off early, And it helped me start building my credit score. Which is something that really helps me today!

When I'm ready for a car loan, I will definitely be back!

The only things that I would love to see improved, Is the website interface. I would love more options for my money! They could add more to the the banking area. But I love being able to do transfers and such online, Because I"m not really a people person. Also I think they could improve the DEBIT Card. I stopped using mine, Because sometimes it declines for no reason. It also doesn't have any choices in designs. Which would be a fun thing to add :)

Overall I love this credit union and I highly recommend it! Especially if you want to save your money :) The staff is super helpful and nice whenever I go in too.
K. W. - Google, 9/29/16
I have been a loyal member for decades and I can not imagine doing my banking anywhere else. I love how I am treated by everyone there. It is so nice walking into a place where everyone is your friend. And Donna... I don't care what it takes, you can never let her go. Thank you for having such a high quality organization in this day and age when providing good customer service is way down the line of importance to a place of business. Your referral incentive program... I brag about P & S to everyone when I refer someone and I don't know if my bragging has caused that to happen? But, your service and how you treat people reflect on me so I am happy to do it.
W. H. - Email to the President, 6/15/16
Absolutely amazing experience! The best most helpful and friendly staff. They treat you like your their most valued customer Everytime you go in. The loan process was so fast and so easy. 5 stars all day everyday! Thanks p&s!
C.W. - Google, 6/14/16
I am a long time member of EMSCO. I was very leery coming to your credit union and for a couple of years we went elsewhere. ​Last year I decided to start putting money back into our saving there. The experience was good so when we had the opportunity to roll an ERA we again chose P&S. Again, seamless, great customer service, informative and we felt like family again. So, it was only natural when we were in need of a signature loan I called Sue. Again, a great experience. I am very happy with the merger between the 2 credit unions and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Thanks for reaching out and providing me this opportunity.
T. B. - Email to the President, 6/14/16
A GREAT little credit union! Love how they treat us and appreciate Donna so much! Thank you!!!
K.R. - Google, 5/26/2016
I have trusted P and S for over eight years now and have always had great experiences with the people there. Donna Anderson is the best and I will never change. Thank you for all you do.
F.C. - Email to the President, 5/25/2016
I'm absolutely super happy with the staff in P&S Credit Union. I have been a member since I believe 2004, they always have been amazing. Donna was the one who helped me I think she is the Loan Manager or something? Oh well, I wont change anything from P&S CREDIT UNION they are amazing people I love them. They know me for years and treat me like a family. P&S CREDIT UNION rocks the best.Thank you so much for your help!
E.M. - Email to the President, 3/7/2016

I have really enjoyed having an account at P&S Credit Union. I have had my account open for over a year now and everyone that I have come into contact with has been so nice and happy to help me. Each time I stop in, the teller always makes sure that I have my top pick in candy! :) She's always so friendly and I am pleased to know that they care to have my business.
K.R. - Facebook, 3/2/2016

Is the best Credit Union, with very nice employees, and exellent customer service, the best loan rates. They really care about their customers. I been a member for six years already and only one time I got an overdraft. They call me to about the post and also asked if I want to get that money from my savings. And I didn't pay any charges. Just the 10 dollars that I expend. Thanks for everything. P & S Is the best!!!!!!!!!
O.L. - Google, 2/26/2016

Great service. Thank you Donna for giving me a new start on my credit card and thank you to the rest of the P&S team. You're awesome.
B.B. - Lobby Comment Card, 10/15/15

P&S Credit Union is a great credit union. They have great services, friendly people, all of the services needed. I think if anything needs improvement it would be if possible - safe deposit boxes.
S.J.B. - Lobby Comment Card, 10/15/15


I don't believe anything needs fixing. You are always fast and efficient and everyone here is polite and very helpful. I don't think any improvements are necessary. I'm happy to be a part of this credit union.
E.H. - Lobby Comment Card, 10/15/15


I been with P&S Credit Union for about 20 years.  When I come, I been treated as a family.  I am happy.
Y.S. - Lobby Comment Card, 10/15/15

Very personal service. When you come in it's like visiting an old friend.
K.B. - Facebook, 12/1/14

Love them, it's like a family!!!!
C.L. - Facebook, 11/7/14
Great place to have your money and loans, plus customer service is the best!
S.G. - Facebook, 3/26/2014



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